Sunday, 12 April 2009

Just Walk

Ok, so it’s easter, endless piles of chocolate and tons of free time, but what do we actually do with that free time? I’m one week into my 2 week holiday and ive found ive done nothing! So ive gone to work, but thats just somthing i have to do, not somthing i really want to do. The most ive been up to is watching endless travel programmes about places in the sun, whilst not noticing the amasing weather we’ve had here. Already one week has just flown by with an extremely forgettable aftertaste, all up until Easter Sunday. Now the next part of this might come across as sort of a cliché, but I can honestly say it most certainly is not. I woke up on Easter Sunday incredibly late, and I’m talking 2:30pm late, something I hadn’t quite done previously that week. The only thing that did wake me up was an agitated knock at the door; it was my Nan and Granddad. Apparently they had been standing outside knocking for about 10 minutes, with their dogs Jock and Polly even barking. They came as they do every year bearing several chocolate delights, including a chocolate bar as big as the car they had brought it in. They didn’t stay for long which I was slightly disappointed about, but I buried my head into the chocolate never the less.

After about 5 minutes of stuffing my face, I poured a glass of milk and watched another travel programme, in which a slimy faced presenter was trying to sell me another break in Malaysia for £559. The room was mind numbingly dull, with the blinds closed and the only light emitting from the TV. Other than checking my facebook on my phone I hardly lifted a finger all day, and I was still in my PJ’s! But then I remembered that I had to go down to Subway, I needed know when I was next on shift that week. My body was really against this, but eventually I got off my arse and opened the blinds. For five seconds I was literally blinded as the room flooded with sunlight, I got into the shower singing as usual, and then got changed, but for some reason I had an immediate urge to listen to some good summer tunes. So I dug up a few CD’s from a box of memories (kinda stupid I know) and created a playlist on my phone and blasted them throughout the house, but while searching through this box I found a bottle of aftershave which was pretty much empty, but had one more spray in it. I sprayed it onto my neck, and suddenly I had a massive memory recall of last summer in Jamaica, this was amazing as it actually dug up so many good memories. I got out the house with my headphones in and with Bill Withers singing Lovely Day in my ears, and started walking towards the shop. I actually felt like I had achieved something, and I actually felt great about it even though I hadn’t done anything at all! Just with the sun shining on my face and the smell of fresh air flowing through my nose, I felt that there were no worries in the world what so ever. No problems about girl at school that I like, who doesn’t like me, or that my recent exam results weren’t the best in the world.

I got to the shop eventually and my manager hadn’t created the rota yet, I wasn’t angry, I was just looking forward to walking down there the next day. So on the way back to my house, I decided to walk the long route; I even started singing Better Together by Jack Johnson out loud and not even caring what people thought! I know a lot of people say this, but we actually do take for granted what we have all around us, and we don’t enjoy any of it! I can honestly say as a teenager of this generation, and even how much I hate to agree with the numerous rants my parents go on about the “Good old days”, that we don’t go out enough! Now I can’t speak for everybody, and I certainly hate when some people do, but come on, can you actually say that you go outside much with the reason to just go outside? So the next time it’s sunny, just grab your MP3 player and go for a walk in the sun and see what I mean! Just walk for no reason at all.

By The surfer inside

Please comment, i really want to know about your experiences! And whether you agree with what i am trying to get across, or even if you think im talking absolute crap!